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Students offer innovative ideas

By KRISTEN KELLEHER/Sentinel staff | Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2019 11:12 am

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City School District students thought of a measuring cup to help students follow recipes and bake independently, and a Keurig-style coffee maker that produces less waste. 

These students, who were finalists in the state-wide STEAM Tank Challenge, were honored by the Ocean City Board of Education during a Wednesday, Nov. 13, school board meeting. 

Kathleen Taylor, district superintendent, said the competition gives public schools the opportunity to find solutions to real world problems. 

The competition is a partnership between the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) and the U.S. Army. 

According to information from the NJSBA, the STEAM Tank Challenge asks teams to invent something new, modify an existing produce, or identify a situation or real-world problem that needs a resolution. 

More than 550 teams from throughout the state applied this year and 90 teams made the finals. 

Finalists presented their ideas at an NJSBA Workshop 2019 in October. 

Students Vander Reeves and Clifford Dirkes created the VC Machine, which is a twist on the Keurig coffee maker.  The students came up with the idea for the product after recognizing how much garbage Keurig coffee makers create and how much people spend on K-Cup coffee pods. 

Megan Hope, Emma Rodriguez, and Casey Adamson created The Measure Me, after noticing their classmates struggled with fractions. 

All three of the students enjoy baking. 

The Measure Me is a measuring cup that beeps as a person gets close to pouring the correct amount of an ingredient in the cup.  It also has a corresponding app that supports local farmers and encourages children to eat healthy. 


Perfect scores on

state testing


During the same meeting, the school board recognized students who received a perfect score on the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment. 

All of the students honored received a perfect score on the English language arts portion of the test. 

Third-grader Edith Heywood earned a perfect score, as did fourth-graders Sydney Halliday and Peighton Clemens.

Seventh-graders James Burke, Aili Kelley, and Abigail Maglietta earned perfect scores, and eighth-grader Phoebe Miedama also earned a perfect score.

Ethan Neal and Katherine Trout-Baron, 10th-graders, were also recognized for earning perfect scores.