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Public phone-charging stations proposed

By TUCKER BIRMINGHAM Student Journalist | Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 2:22 pm

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City School District will be piloting a new device for students next year. 

The school board has been looking into providing public phone-charging stations for use in the high school. The hallway and library stations would allow students to recharge during study halls or after school, rather than taking part in the current battle for outlets.

The student body has been discussing this idea recently and is overall very excited that the board has listened to them and will follow through with this installation.

Students use their phones frequently for classwork, and a dead phone prevents them from accessing the Internet for research and communicating with their families after school. While some may argue that this may encourage cell phones as a distraction in class, many classrooms rely on the Internet, so students can expand their education themselves. 

In a way, smartphones have replaced the traditional encyclopedias. Students use them on a daily basis, to track weather in the environmental class or to find and share facts in health class. This phone-charging station could expand students’ use of phones, and encourage students to access the Internet for educational purposes.

Exactly which model will be used is still being decided. Tim Kelley, the school business administrator, pointed out that corded models could become frayed over time, and the latest phone may come out requiring a different type of charger.

The phone-charging station will be proposed at the next board meeting when the budget is reviewed, and will be implemented for the 2016-17 school year.